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"Blue Flower" 2018

This piece is part of a trio that I created at Penland School of Art and Craft.  I had been doing figurative work for several years but was very intrigued by the title of the course, “Pristine Porcelain”.  I also was excited to work with the instructors, Taylor Robenalt and Kyungmin Park.


“Blue Flower” was an opportunity to explore not only facial expressions but to create ceramic wall pieces in porcelain.  It was also the first time I used a rice paper transfer for surface decoration. This piece represents the outward expression of self-confidence coupled with internal anxiety - conflicting emotions we have all experienced.


This piece was selected for a juried show “Ceramic Wall Works” at Blue Line Arts in Roseville, CA, in April 2019.

The other two pieces in the trio are "Man Dimple" and "Freckles".

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